TM Energy Ltd. has a license for sale service of equipment working under pressure, performs warranty maintenance of the commissioning of the new facility and provides after-sales service on mutually advantageous terms to customers.
We have service cars equipped with the necessary equipment for diagnostics and repair of objects. Service vehicles are equipped with spare parts for the replacement of the object, if necessary, allowing fast response and minimum stay on site at the accident occurred.
TM Energy Ltd. has highly qualified professional supports more than 15 years service stations, gas stations and gas installations.
We have stands for testing of safety valves, stands for metering gas and light fuel, compressors and other equipment necessary for any repairs with subsequent release under normal operating conditions.

Subscription maintenance of facilities

TM Energy Ltd. holds a permit to carry out maintenance work on the reconstruction, repair and maintenance of equipment working under pressure. Subscribed, you will take care to your main business of delivering and selling fuels, while we will take care to respect the requirements of regulations and accident-free operation of your site.
We perform a visual inspection of the facility, testing of valves, replacement of gauges, check the gas leak, inspection and testing of hoses rechargeable cars and annual training of personnel requirements of the Ordinance on pressure equipment. Examination and inspection prepare protocols that are transmitted to the owner for storage on file at the facility at the site.

Control measurement and calibration of dispensers

TM Energy has a stand and measures to control measurement and calibration of dispensers that perform the site at the request of the owner, at the request of bodies or subscription service, signing contract with us.

Periodic reviews of Gas Facilities

We have a specialized vehicle that allows draining the remaining fuel from the gas tank restraint mechanical cleaning of sludge and preparation and testing before the inspector of technical supervision.
Compressor specialist car allows for a very short time to evacuate water from the tank in its safety or to “raise” the reservoir pressure in the testing before specialists of technical supervision.
Preparation, securing and testing before the inspector TI with subsequent release and restore normal operation of the site, carry out usually within 1-2 business days for tanks with a capacity of 5 and 10 m³.
For larger tanks or a number of objects made in advance schedule and save you time and money to implement mandatory under the Ordinance 4 or 8 annual examinations.

Periodic inspection of safety valves, hoses and gauges

In regulation safety valves and hoses gas facility be tested for 12 months. We have a permit to carry out testing and tuning.
We have a test bench and adjustment of safety valves and hoses, as well as methods and professionals to carry out the activities.
After checking and adjusting the valve we issue a memorandum, which indicate the values reported in the trial.
We can carry out check provided by you valves with different connection sizes.
Inspection and adjustment of valves and hoses and replacing gauges with verified holding sticker for the year, prior consultation with your visit.

Degassing tank and cleaning leveling probes

We have a specialized car service, which allows draining of residual amount of gas propane-butane from the tank, with the aim of opening up the system to be implemented:
• Replacement of the valve, or other fittings gas installation
• repairing blocked or replacement of level measuring probe
• Repairs installation
• Reconstruction of gas installation
• Other activities on request