Emergency truck


Degassing in emergency case repairs of tanks

TM Energy Stara Zagora, disposes a service truck with a tank size of 2.7 m3, which carries the transferred fuel from the gas tank meanwhile the repair intervention actions. After securing the tank it is accessed and repairs are carried out. Upon completion of the emergency repair, the tank is being sealed and returned after refilling it with its original fuel.


We carry out the mandatory technical inspection of gas tanks every four years and of its piping every eight years.
For the purpose we use the emergency service truck for the transfer of fuel from the gas tank. At the time of the technical inspection of gas equipment, fuel is stored in the tank service truck. Among the completion of the review fuel is put back into the tank and normal operation of the site is restored.

Degassing for the purpose of cleaning tanks and measuring systems

For carrying out cleaning, replacement or repair of level measuring probes of gas tanks it is necessary to withdraw the residual fuel. The emergency service truck has a tank that can transfer fuel to open the tank and remove any existing problem of the level measuring probes.

Securing processing and repair of gas installations

TM Energy Ltd. disposes an emergency service truck used for processing or maintenance activities, associated with the need to open up gas installations. Transfer of residual fuel in the tank of the truck allows us to open the gas installation on site, so it is being flushed with water and safely repaired. Among the completion of the repair fuel is put back into the tank and normal operation of the site is restored.