Gas stations

Stationary sites

Gas stations are facilities working under pressure and are made with a carefully predefined and coordinated project with technical supervision.
We have years of experience in the construction of gas stations and know in detail the requirements of the regulations related to the construction of this type of equipment.
Gas stations can be underground or aboveground, with a tank volume of 5 m³ to 30 m³ and a one side or double side dispenser.
The connection between the reservoir and the gas station could be made out of metal or plastic pipes, depending on the space available and/or the clients’ requirements.
When the gas station is being installed, we conduct several technical tests to make sure the facility is ready for launching. After commissioning we carry out guarantee maintenance of the facility.


Modular sites certified with CE

TM Energy Ltd. has developed a construction project for a gas unit with tank volumes of 5 m³ and 10 m³ and a one-side gas dispenser on a chassis made of steel profiles.
The module is certified and complies with European Union Directive 2014/68 / EC on pressure equipment and has its own serial number. This allows the module to be installed directly on site without first having to go through the usual technical supervisions of the country.
We deliver the module parts according to all requirements and assemble and test the finished products. All this happens in our production base in Stara Zagora.

The module is attached a dossier. It consists of the tank and dispenser passports and certificates of all the elements to be included in the gas installation, as well as all visual inspection and testing reports of the module.
Gas stations