Filling stations

Stationary sites

TM Energy Ltd. is a company founded in 2014. Our staff consists of experts with over 20 years of experience in the fields of design, construction and maintenance of filling stations. Moreover, their past experience includes building petrol station chains for private clients from both Bulgaria and the neighboring Balkan countries.

We offer the best solution according to your requirements and desires, as well as to where the facility is based and the regulations that need to be met.

We offer underground or aboveground fuel tanks for different volumes and distribution, according to the specific needs.
We offer conceptual design and after consultation, proceed with the technical design.
All projects are coordinated with the Department of Fire Safety and Protection of Population at the location of the site before proceeding with any construction works.
We design and build the station as required by the regulations and laws of the country where the project is based.
The reservoirs we use are double-sided, with a volume between 5 m³ and 60 m ³. In the process of building a station we install shut-off valves and control equipment such that comply with all requirements for safe operation.
In a case of having all ditches and pipeline canals dug in advance, we are capable of building a station within 4-6 weeks, including construction of the reservoir, delivery, assembly of equipment and installation of pipe conduits from the reservoir to the dispenser.

When commissioning a station, we deliver a report with certificates of the equipment incorporated in the design.
After commissioning carry out warranty and support service.

Modular commercial and institutional sites

TM Energy Ltd.’s activities include building modular stations. These are small sites, usually using one type of fuel only for commercial and institutional purposes.
The tank and the dispenser of the module are located on the chassis made of steel. The module is placed on a concrete platform, without the need for any additional preparation of the field (as trenches and other construction activities).

The fuel tank could be with a volume between 5 m³ and 20 m³, and the gas pump – single or double.

We can integrate a computer system to take care of the monitoring of the refill processes and also can follow and control drivers through personalized cards system recognition.
After connecting the tank level measuring facilities (probes) to the NRA grid, the module could also be potentially used for commercial purposes.