Control measurement

Control measurement and calibration of dispensers

TM Energy has a stand and measures to control measurement and calibration of dispensers that perform the site at the request of the owner, at the request of bodies or subscription service, signing contract with us.

Periodic reviews of Gas Facilities

We have a specialized vehicle that allows draining the remaining fuel from the gas tank restraint mechanical cleaning of sludge and preparation and testing before the inspector of technical supervision.
Compressor specialist car allows for a very short time to evacuate water from the tank in its safety or to “raise” the reservoir pressure in the testing before specialists of technical supervision.
Preparation, securing and testing before the inspector TI with subsequent release and restore normal operation of the site, carry out usually within 1-2 business days for tanks with a capacity of 5 and 10 m³.
For larger tanks or a number of objects made in advance schedule and save you time and money to implement mandatory under the Ordinance 4 or 8 annual examinations.