TM ENERGY LTD was founded in 2014. The company’s main activities include production and trading of LPG and petrol stations equipment as well as design, building, installing and maintaining LPG and petrol stations, oil, petrol and methane appliances and electrical installations.

The headquarters and production base of company TM ENERGY LTD is based in Stara Zagora, Kolyo Ganchev district, Radost Str. Nr. 3 (near the fuel station EKO).
TM ENERGY LTD is registrated by STATE AGENCY FOR METROLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE (SAMTS) under Nr.CT154 dated 03.09.2015 and the Company is authorized to perform services, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of high risk equipment.
Since 05.11.2015 TM ENERGY LTD holds the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management.